Business & Transactional Law

Contract Review & Ongoing Corporate Maintenance

Any business has an ongoing business need for legal review.  The sale of goods and services triggers contracts between customers as well as suppliers.  Employees need to be managed, and in certain situations, employees need to have a separate written contract possibly with restrictive covenants.   Quarterly and annual board or other management reviews may require documentation. 

Acting as an in-house counsel resource, we help clients be proactive in the management of and operations of their business.  We have encountered a host of business issues and we bring that experience to your business.  
  • Contract Review
  • Form Purchase Orders and other Sales Agreement
  • Warranty Review            
  • Resolution and Action Drafting
  • Maintenance of Corporate Records
  • Due Diligence Review of Company Records 
  • Non-competition, Non-solicitation, and Non-Disclosure Agreements
  • Employment Agreements (Review and Drafting) 
  • Subsidiary Formation and Maintenance 
  • Development of Corporate Record Keeping Policy 

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